Photo Road Trip in the USA: Why should we stop in Pennsylvania?

Road Trip in the USA: Why should we stop in Pennsylvania?

Sometimes, when people travel, they often discus about the place where to stop on the road. In USA, one of the widest states in the world, Pennsylvania is the best one to visit and to stay.

This 33rd state of USA, also called The Keystone State, has many things to discover. If you want to go there, Opodo which is a trip agency online can help you once and before you are there.

Why should we stop in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is located at the north of New York and east of New Jersey. This state interests many visitors (family, group, couple, friends) thanks to its relief and its wealth. ­

  •  Among the most industrialized states of the USA, Pennsylvania has many factories that we can visit. It is often necessary especially for students to see how to do something. In Pennsylvania, your longing can be satisfied. ­
  •  Agriculture is very developed in this area thanks to the Ohio River. You can then go and buy your favorite vegetable without taxes. You will find the best quality and quantity there because they are still fresh. Reading Terminal Market is the market where you can buy many agricultural products like tomato, potato, carrot, and so on.

Pennsylvania, a state of wonderful and historical places

You should never miss some places when you are in the Keystone State. This place has many historical places to visit especially in Harrisburg, its capital. ­

  • As a place of pleasure, you can go to Mural Art Program, Elfreth's Alley, Philadelphia Trolley tour which is to discover the facet of Philly. ­
  • Pennsylvania has the biggest urban park in the USA. It is the Fairmount Park. There is a lake of this park that you can row in there. That's so fabulous to row in the middle of town, isn't it? In addition to that, some other activities can be carried out in this park thanks to its width. Cycling, reading, horsing, walking are possible. ­
  • Many are the museums and historical places that can be visited once you are there such as Independence National Historical Park, Garden of Longwood. The most visited and famous one is the museum of Art in Philadelphia. You can see the statue of Silver Stallone in the entrance of this museum. ­
  • Hotels are everywhere in Pennsylvania, you can choose according to your money. When it is night, the light from those high hotels gives the town a beautiful look. You can't believe it, it is a dream comes true.

Book your hotel before going to Pennsylvania

Booking a hotel is a step you must do before leaving. Opodo is at your service in that case because they cooperate with many hotels in the area.

They can advise you what to do so as you can stay and visit safely. There is nothing to worry about if you choose Opodo as an agency. You can visit their website for more information and you can also book online your hotel if you want to visit Pennsylvania.

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