Photo 5 cities in Pennsylvania to visit

5 cities in Pennsylvania to visit

5 cities in Pennsylvania to visit

Pennsylvania, a country rich in culture, history and incomparable landscape. High mountains, many beautiful parks and beautiful cities, there is everything to attract young and old. Famous for its Appalachian Mountains and its great rivers, it is a remarkable country without forgetting its museums and Pittsburgh.

A city known for its diverse sports activities and also the place where you can find all the latest technologies. If you go to Pennsylvania, you have to start by visiting its cities with picturesque architecture and a friendly atmosphere.

The must-see cities

A breathtaking view, shopping centers of all kinds, several other places where everyone can find his taste, the best cities not to be missed during the passage in Pennsylvania are:

1. Philadelphia

The largest city in the state, apart from its interesting history, all restaurants offer delicious cuisine with local specialties. Architecture varies from a corner to another. You can visit the Independence Hall, a monumental square marking the official and live declaration of Independence of the United States. Museums are numerous, for example the Museum of Art and the famous Liberty Bell Center. This museum is full of myths and facts absolutely to discover.

2. New Hope

It is a tourist town offering various tours such as restaurants, antique shops and a stroll along the Delaware River. For those who love art, take a tour of the art galleries, this city is endowed with artists with unimaginable inspirations. To enjoy their culinary specialties, it offers gastronomic tours. Children can visit the museum for their ages accompanied by guides. Do outdoor activities that you can do between family and group of friends, for example: fishing, camping, skiing.

3. Lancaster

This large city with provincial charm is one of the oldest cities in the United States. It includes nearly 20 shops and restaurants. In terms of activities, Red Rose City offers a wide range of attractions. The walk is encouraged because the place and the air are perfect for de-stressing and wandering between lovers.

Popular destinations

4. Bushkill Falls or Niagara Falls

Most travelers stop at Bushkill Falls or Niagara Falls in the city of Bushkill. One of the biggest attractions in the world, Niagara Falls is indeed a group of eight waterfalls decanted. A hike and access to several waterfalls, you can enjoy your day in this unusual city.

5. Kennett Square

Do not miss Kennett Square or "The Mushroom Capital of the World"; this city has the huge attraction known as The Longwood Gardens. With gardens at a loss and fresh meadows, you can feel the freshness of nature. Tourists are numerous in September during the Mushroom festival.

Quiet visits with satisfaction

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